Turkey Shoot 2017

Turkey Shoot

Prize winners will receive a voucher supplied by Ross’s Joint Ballyclare.
Notice will be posted on the website when they are ready for collection.

Date: Saturday 14th October 2017
Division 1 Member Score
1st Paul Stugeon 43
2nd Michael Rice 42
3rd Stephen Halliday 41
Division 2 Member Score
1st Jim McDowell 43
2nd Phillip Blackburne 39
3rd Jim Ireland 38
Division 3 Member Score
1st Peter Graham 44
2nd Gary Lennox 43
3rd Trevor Heaslip 40
2’s Paid: £11 (tbc)  
3rd Hole 6th Hole 11th Hole
Mark Magee Keith Ross David Fisher
Jim McDowell * David Shannon
Mark Hardy
Tommy Tosh
13th Hole 16th Hole 15th Hole
Morgan Comer Keith Ross
Ian McCullough
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