Course Tables

On the 1st of April 2024 the Course Handicap calculation is changing to:

(Handicap Index * Slope Rating/113) + Course Rating – Par of the Course

Also, your Playing Handicap will be calculated using the un-rounded Course Handicap.

TeesGender Course Handicap
WhiteMenCourse Handicap
BlueMenCourse Handicap
BlueWomen Not Rated *
RedWomenCourse Handicap
RedMenNot Rated *

* During our next Course Rating the Blue Tees will be rated for the Women and the Red Tees will be rated for the Men

Playing HandicapTee | Gender
Individual Matchplay [100%]Women | Red
Individual MatchplayMen | Blue
Individual MatchplayMen | White
Stroke Play / Stableford [95%]Women | Red
Stroke Play / StablefordMen | Blue
Stroke Play / StablefordMen | White
Fourball Matchplay [90%]Women | Red
Fourball MatchplayMen | Blue
Fourball MatchplayMen | White
Fourball Stroke Play / Stableford [85%]Women | Red
Fourball Stroke Play / StablefordMen | Blue
Fourball Stroke Play / StablefordMen | White