Category: Saturday 2023

Winter Week 25

Saturday and Sunday Competitions
Saturday 6th of April to Tuesday 9th of April

ScrambleMemberScorePrize each
1stD. Ferguson / M. Rice3430
2ndP. Wilson / D. Murray3225
3rdC. Sullivan / D. McKeown3220
4thB. Delargy / M. Magee3215
5thA. Martin / K. Ross3110
Sat SweepMemberScorePrize
1stRyan McKee3210
2ndAaron McTaggart315
1stHarold Simpson3215
2ndPeter Kirkwood3010
3rdBrendan Faulkner295
4thBrian Robb28 
5thDavid Best24 
2s CompetitionMemberHolePrize
SundayBrendan Faulkner2 @ 3rd5.50
SundayBrendan Faulkner2 @ 11th5.50

Winter 2023 / 2024 Results

SaturdayAaron Reid35230
SundayHarry Simpson301 
MidweekBobby McWilliams246 
60 PlusDavid Best352 
Saturday Competitions
Division 1MemberScorePrize
1stMark Magee35025
2ndDavid Fisher34720
3rdRodger Baird34115
Division 2MemberScorePrize
1stStephen Monroe34125
2ndRobert Frazer33720
3rdIan McCullough32515
Division 3MemberScorePrize
1stMervyn Graham34925
2ndJonny McKinney33620
3rdJim McDowell33215
TeamsTeamScorePrize Each
1stTeam 17100125
2ndTeam 2098720
3rdTeam 2897815
Team 17Team 20Team 28
David FisherStephen CullenStephen Monroe
Aaron ReidMark MageeGeorge Baird
Ken PattersonBrendan DelargyRoger Baird
Martin TabbJonathan CoulterColin Clarke

Full list of scores can be found in the 2023 League Tables section of the website.

Winter League – Week 23

Saturday 16th March 2024

Division 1MemberScorePrize
1stJim Osborne3025
2ndKeith Ross3020
3rdStephen Fox2915
Division 2MemberScorePrize
1stSteve Manger3125
2ndStuart McCullough3120
3rdLeo Larkin3015
Division 3MemberScorePrize
1stDavid McKeown3125
2ndNikos Aidinidis2720
3rdMervyn Graham2715
2s Competition: £16.00 each
Brendan Delargy2 @ 3rdColin Clarke2 @ 6th
Steve Manger2 @ 3rdStuart McCullough2 @ 3rd