Notice Board

Course / Bunkers / Delays
Please keep checking this page as we will keep it up to date.

From Saturday 25th of November until Friday 1st of December all Club competitions will be played over the fourteen hole course 4, 5 and then 7 through to 18.

From Saturday 2nd of December until Friday 17th of December all Club competition will be played over the fourteen hole course 1 to 3, 6 through to 14 and then 17 and 18.

Until further notice from the Club or the Golf Centre the bunkers remain in play.

During the coming weeks if the start of a Saturday Competition is delayed because of a Course Closure for more than an hour then:

  • the scores will NOT count for the Winter League.
  • the competition will be played as a sweep.
  • If there are over 40 entries the normal section prizes will be paid out
  • Under this amount the prizes will be in proportion to the entries

Grand Prize Draw
Take the opportunity to win Free Membership to next season 2024/25 at Greenacres Golf Centre.

Buy a Square for £10 each and there will be two first place prizes for Free Membership with many other smaller prizes included.

You must be over the age of 18 to be eligible to purchase a square with a chance to win. The prize draw is open to all male & female members and also to all visitors to the Centre. You can purchase a square from the display at reception. When buying a square can you ensure you include your name and contact details.

The draw will take place when all squares are sold with the results being displayed on the members notice board and on our website,

Winter League

Full details can be found on the Winter League page.

Winter Mats

The Golf Club have Green Winter Mats for sale at a cost of £10.

  • Members should speak to a member of the Council
  • or put £10 into an envelope and write your name and ‘Winter Mat’ on the front

We will then leave the mat for you at reception to collect.


Members are not required to purchase a mat from the Club, you can source your own or the Golf Centre have some Astro Turf for sale.

Penalty Scores

Members are reminded when you sign into a competition or general play round you MUST return a score.

Taken from the rules of Handicapping. A player is expected to:

  • Submit acceptable scores for handicap purposes as soon as possible after the round is completed and before midnight local time,
  • Attempt to make the best score possible at each hole,
  • Act with integrity by following the Rules of Handicapping and to refrain from using, or circumventing, the Rules of Handicapping for the purpose of gaining an unfair advantage,
  • Submit acceptable scores to provide reasonable evidence of their demonstrated ability,
  • Play by the Rules of Golf, and
  • Certify the scores of fellow players.