Greenacres (Men’s) Golf Club AGM
The Annual General Meeting of Greenacres (Men’s) Golf Club will be held on Tuesday 21st March 2023 at 7:00 pm in the Golf Centre

Any Other Business
Members questions under Any Other Business to be sent in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least 7 days prior to the AGM


Introductory Remarks – Club CaptainSimon Hopper
Greenacres Golf Centre Report [Liaison]Owners
Minutes 2022 Annual General MeetingStephen Cullen
Annual Reports
Honorary SecretaryStephen Cullen
Honorary TreasurerSimon Hopper
Reports from Sub-Committee Chairmen
General Purposes / DisciplinarySimon Hopper
Match & HandicapKeith Hanna
CompetitionsKeith Hanna
Social & CharityMark Magee
Election of Officers & Members of Council(See Rule 5)
2023 Captains Remarks
Annual Levy – Recommendation from Club Council
Any Other Business

Rule 5
5 Election of Officers

All Officers and members of Committees shall be elected at an Annual General Meeting. Captains of both Men’s and Ladies’ Clubs shall retire after one year’s service and shall be succeeded by the Vice Captain of each Club, provided always that the members at Annual General Meeting may vote that the outgoing Captain should serve in that capacity for a longer period. In such event, the tenure of office of the Vice Captain shall be extended for a similar period. Council Office Bearers and Council Members shall hold office for two years, and one half of such members shall retire at each Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election (subject to drawing of lots if necessary, to decide those retiring).

Nominations (with the consent of the nominee) for election to any Honorary Office or as an Ordinary Member of Council shall be made:-

5.1 By the individual Committee of the Club concerned; or

5.2 By any two voting members of the Club concerned (voting members are full ordinary members of the respective Clubs);

All nominations shall be given to the Honorary Secretary of the Club concerned at least 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting of that Club. A complete list of nominees (Officers and Council) together with the Proposers and Seconders and the names of those offering themselves for re-election, must be included with the notice of Annual General Meeting posted on the Club notice board in the Club Facilities for at least 14 days prior to the date of the particular Annual General Meeting. The respective Councils shall have power to fill vacancies in any of these offices (including membership of its Council) during any year. The persons so appointed shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting of the particular Club.

At any General Meeting, if the election of a continuing member of Council to a position as an Office Bearer will leave a vacancy on the Council, then such vacancy shall be filled at that Annual General Meeting from candidates already nominated for membership of the Council.

The office of any Office Bearer shall be vacated by such Office Bearer resigning therefrom or on ceasing to be a member of Greenacres Golf Centre or being removed by resolution at an Annual General Meeting of the appropriate Club.

Council Nominations
To fulfil Rule 5 Mark Magee, Alister McKeever, Stephen Cullen and Keith Hanna will retire from council with the fifth place being a vacancy that was not filled at last year.

Your Council has proposed the Office Bearers and Council Members for the year 2023/2024 (Subject to election / re-election) as follows:

To fulfil the Rule 5 the following will offer themselves for re-election

MemberProposed BySeconded By
Simon HopperStephen CullenKeith Hanna
Aaron HyndsSimon HopperMark Magee
George BairdWallace CrawfordAaron Anderson
Keith HannaAlister McKeeverMark Magee

To fulfil the Rule 5 the following will retire from Office:

Robert Blundell

The Honorary Secretary received the following nominations:

MemberProposed BySeconded By
Trevor McMillanAaron AndersonWallace Crawford
Trevor NuttGeorge BairdWallace Crawford
Wallace CrawfordAlister McKeeverPaul McAlister

Election of Office Bearers

The council has proposed the following members to serve as Office Bearers for the 2022 to 2023 season.

CaptainAlister McKeever
Vice-CaptainKeith Hanna
Honorary SecretaryStephen Cullen
Honorary TreasurerSimon Hopper
Match & Handicap SecretaryKeith Hanna

Any Other Business

Questions Received

  1. Has the club established an electronic payment method for club competitions through the use of Club v1 or HowDidIDo? If so, do we have an implementation / roll out plan for this going live?
  2. When deciding the schedule for the year, have we considered course condition, playability and importance of the competition when scheduling for 2023? Areas where I think we can improve are having our team events such as Tom Brown team trophy, better balls or scrambles early in season (e.g. April when course is still recovering from winter) and having our important competitions which count for individual handicaps and order of merit during the best period of the year (May – September).
  3. Can the club please confirm if the no two balls on a course during competition time on a Saturday still stands? If so, can we please remind members of the rules and also support any members in finding an alternative slot on a Saturday should only two of their four ball turn up? And is this also a time to consider reimplementing the starter on a Saturday morning? Some rounds last year behind 2/3 balls were ridiculously slow, so I can’t imagine what it was like later in the day for the late starters.
  4. For winter periods, have we considered the use of mats on the course (or have we discussed this with the golf centre through the appropriate forum)? We saw the benefit of low winter traffic a few years back, and I’m sure we’d all agree that the course was much better with a rest, and we could achieve this again with the use of a mat during winter. Look at some of the clubs closest to us who use these and reap the rewards come spring / summer.