Saturday 10th July

Tom Brown Team Trophy

In addition to the normal stableford prizes the overall prize for Saturday 10th July will go to the team with the highest stableford points. As this is four-man team competition members are encouraged to make up fourballs were possible. This does not stop members playing in groups with less returning a team score, but you are limiting your chance of winning.

There is no additional entry fee for the team competition.

Each tee time should then take an additional score card and write the names, handicap index and playing handicap of every member of the group on the card to record their team points.

On each hole members should record the stableford points for all players in the relevant column A, B, C and D. Then total up the points as follows:

On Holes 1 to 6 – Total the best two points scored together
On Holes 7 to 12 – Total the best three points scored together
On Holes 13 to 18 – Total all the points scored together