Tee Time Update

The following is a message sent out by the Golf Centre via email…

Yesterday we emailed some of our players to advise them that a weekly report had shown they had played a considerable amount of golf over an 8 day period. These emails were, for the most part, received in the spirit they were sent, to advise the individuals and request that we all book tee times with a fairness towards our fellow members.

Some of the replies have raised questions which we wish to clarify for everyone.

All members, 7 day and 5 day are requested to limit their bookings to three per week. 5 day members are unable to book weekends, so 7 day members have the advantage of two extra days to get a tee time. 

If you are free all week and playing regularly on weekdays we would request you leave slots free for members only able to play weekends.

We will be monitoring persons failing to remove themselves from time slots they can’t make and would request if your circumstances change and you can’t play, to remove yourself as soon as possible to allow others a chance to play in you place.

We are aware some members are checking the tee sheet early on a day and then joining others for a game of golf later that same day. We would encourage players to do this as often as they can and utilise the whole tee sheet rather than scrambling every morning at 11am and maybe be disappointed at not getting a preferred slot.

Through no choice of our own we are operating at less than half capacity. We cannot increase the number of tee times or the number of persons playing in them. We have no control over the finer workings of BRS and cannot change it or make it any easier or quicker to book tee times. Anyone with problems logging on should contact reception to have their details checked and modified as necessary.

It is our hope that common sense will soon prevail and the restrictions placed on us can be eased. Until then thank you for your continued support and understanding.