Team Work Makes for Dream Work

As part of #TheFairWay campaign we have a series of interviews with handicap secretaries and golfers about their experiences with the handicap system.

Team Work Makes for Dream Work

The role of the club handicap secretary has been said to be one of the most complex and “scary” positions to take up for some. It requires a certain skillset and generally believed to suit those who excel mathematically.

However, incoming Handicap Secretary of Seapoint Golf Links, Martina Nolan, by her own accord is very inexperienced when it comes to handicapping, despite playing the game for so long.

“In all the time I have been playing golf (35 years) I haven’t worried too much about whether my handicap was going up or down – I just enjoy my golf. As a result, I wouldn’t have had too much knowledge of the area of handicapping so the idea of being the handicap secretary was daunting to me.”

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