Scratch Cup Qualifier

Scores counted towards Davidson Cup and 1st Qualifying round for the 36 Hole Club Champion

Date: Saturday 11th May 2019    
Best Gross Keaton Morrison 74
Division 1 Member Score
1st David Lynn 65
2nd Chris Simmons 70
3rd Jonathan Hall 72
Division 2 Member Score
1st Colin Sullivan 69
2nd Andrew Bell 70
3rd Aaron Maule 71
Division 3 Member Score
1st Daniel O’Neill 70
2nd Stuart Wilson 70
3rd Alex Young 71
2’s Paid: £11.25    
3rd Hole 6th Hole 11th Hole
  David Lynn Paul Morrison
  Peter Warke George Gillanders
  William Beatty  
  Paul Cowan  
  Keith Bannister  
  Alfie Axon  
13th Hole 16th Hole  
Ken Patterson Ian Gilchrist  
Simon Hopper    
Jim McCabe    
CSS: 71   # Hole in One

Scratch Cup Qualifiers

Keaton Morrison74
Jonathan Hall74
David Lynn74
Ben Crawford75
William Beatty75
Ross Campbell76
Chris Simmons78
Scott Campbell78