Score Card Return – 2022

From 1st April all Covid provisions will no longer apply, which means the Rules of Golf 3.3b will apply.

Electronic Score Cards
Although members can continue to use the HowDidiDo app to return competition scores we will not accept them if a physical score card is not returned.

For General Play rounds members can use the HowDidiDo and Golf Ireland app but a physical score card must be returned as well.

Physical Score Cards
The player’s score is kept on his or her scorecard by the marker.

Marker’s Responsibility:
After each hole during the round, the marker should confirm with the player the number of strokes on that hole (including strokes made and penalty strokes) and enter that gross score on the scorecard. When the round has ended the marker must sign the hole scores on the scorecard.

Player’s Responsibility:
During the round, the player should keep track of his or her scores for each hole. When the round has ended, the player should

  • Carefully check the hole scores entered by the marker and raise any issues with the Committee.
  • Must make sure that the marker signs the scorecard,
  • Must not change a hole score entered by the marker except with the marker’s agreement or the Committee’s approval, and
  • Must sign the scorecard and promptly return it to the Committee, after which the player must not change the scorecard.
  • If the player breaches any of these requirements in Rule 3.3b, the player is disqualified.

Scoring in Handicap Competition.
The player is responsible for making sure that his or her handicap is shown on the scorecard. If the player returns a scorecard without the right handicap:

Handicap on Scorecard Too High or No Handicap Shown. If this affects the number of strokes the player gets, the player is disqualified from the handicap competition. If it does not, there is no penalty.

Handicap on Scorecard Too Low. There is no penalty and the player’s net score stands using the lower handicap as shown.

Under WHS these rules apply to the Handicap Index only but we would ask members to record their Course Handicap and Playing Handicap on the score card.