Saturday Winter Update


We will still accept the £5 entry from members until Saturday 6th November.

Tee Times

Members who have paid their Winter League Entry fee have been allocated tee times for Saturday 6th November and 13th November and these have been published onto the and via the Touch Screen.

Member who have not paid, will have to book into a tee time for these two dates, and we can not guarantee you will get your ‘normal’ winter tee times until 20th November.

Any gaps remaining on the start sheet after the 6th November will be closed and tee times published from the 20th November will remain the same until the end of December.

Subject to confirmation the first tee time may move to 9:00 from January 2022 until the end of the Winter League to allow the Golf Centre time to open up and access the course conditions.


DateSheet ASheet B
6th NovemberCourse 1ACourse 1B
13th NovemberCourse 1BCourse 1A
20th NovemberCourse 1ACourse 1B
27th NovemberCourse 1BCourse 1A
4th DecemberCourse 1ACourse 1B
11th DecemberCourse 1BCourse 1A
18th DecemberCourse 1ACourse 1B
1st January 2022Course 1BCourse 1A


We have simplified the calculations for Course 1A and Course 1B this year, see example below

Course Handicap = Handicap Index divided by 2 and round up or down accordingly

Playing Handicap = 95% of the Course Handicap

Handicap IndexCalculationCourse HandicapCalculationPlaying Handicap
12.812.8 / 2 = 6.466 * 95% = 5.7 6
19.919.8 / 2 = 9.951010 * 95% = 9.510
23.123.1 / 2 = 11.551212 * 95% = 11.411
42.142.1 / 2 = 21.052121 * 95% = 19.9520

Touch Screen

From 6th November members playing in the Saturday Competition must sign in before you can enter your score. This can be done via the Touch Screen or, as has been the case since the start of Covid, you can use the HowDidiDo app / website.

We will put up printed copies of Master Sheets A & B in the members room and the competitions will be named accordingly so you know which one to sign into and which score card to lift.

Examples: the competitions setup for the first two weeks are called

  • Sheet A – Course 1A
  • Sheet B – Course 1B
  • Sheet A – Course 1B
  • Sheet B – Course 1A