Saturday Start Sheet

To date fourteen members have been removed for the Saturday start sheet, six of which have not renewed their membership and eight have failed to withdraw their name for three subsequent weeks.

There are a further thirty eight members who have failed to remove their name at least once during the past five weeks.

Rules Reminder

Members scheduled to play in the Saturday Competition must if unable to compete withdraw their names from the timesheet by 5:30pm at latest, on the preceding Friday evening.

Members failing to withdraw their names in 3 subsequent weeks will automatically lose their entitlement to that particular tee off time. If exceptional circumstances apply you must notify the Match & Handicap Committee in writing.

Cancelling Tee Times

Full instructions on how to cancel your tee times can be found on the Tee Times page.

Alternatively members should contact Match & Handicap via our Social Media Channels or via email again by 5:30pm on the preceding Friday evening.