Competition Handicaps

Before starting a round at any course, members need to know two values:

  • Their currently Handicap Index which is updated every night after a score has been returned
  • The Slope Rating of the course and tee’s they will be playing off.

At Greenacres Golf Club the Slope Ratings for the 18 hole course are as follows:

GenderTeesHolesSlope Rating
MaleWhite1 to 18116
MaleBlue1 to 18113
LadiesRed1 to 18120

To calculate your Course Handicap you need to multiple your Handicap Index by the Slope and Divide by 113.

GenderTeesHandicap IndexAdjustmentResultCourse Handicap
LadiesRed22.3x 120/11323.6824
LadiesRed23.9x 120/11325.3825
MenBlue22.3x 113/11322.322
MenBlue23.9x 113/11323.924
MenWhite22.3x 116/11322.8923
MenWhite23.9x 116/11324.5325

If you are then playing in a competition you need to calculate your Playing Handicap by multiplying your Course Handicap by the following adjustments:

  • Individual Stableford – 95%
  • Individual Stroke – 95%
  • Match Play Singles – 100%
  • Match Play Four-Ball – 90%

The following example is for the Match Play pairs which is played from the White Tee boxes [Slope 116]

Handicap IndexCourse HandicapPlaying HandicapShots Given
10.210 [10.47]9
14.715 [15.09]14 [13.5]5
19.320 [19.81]189
24.926 [25.56]23 [23.4]14


The option to run a Maximum Score score competition on our handicapping software has been removed in 2021. Which means in our Stroke Play competitions if you want to avoid an NR you MUST return a gross score for every hole.

Under the WHS Rules of Handicapping there is a difference between between not scoring on a hole and not playing a hole.

Player does not hole out
In stroke play competition you must continue to play the hole to avoid being disqualified from the competition and a NR appearing beside you name. In stableford you can decide to pick up the ball.

For handicap purposes these will be limited to the Par of the Hole + two strokes + handicap allowance.

When a hole is not played
The Rules of Handicapping manual lists a number of valid reasons why round may not be completed and some holes are not played.

Examples: you tee of early evening and by the time you finish the fourteenth the light is fading or you get to the eleventh green and bad weather closes the course. In these instances the player must record the fact that they did not complete the remaining holes and for handicap purposes these are scaled up to 18 holes as follows:

At least 10 holes played – for the holes not played net par plus one additional stroke for the first hole not played
At least 14 holes played – for the holes not played net par