Club Members Day

Saturday 15th May 2021

1stLewis Moore4450
2ndCraig Kennedy4345
3rdIain Scott4040
4thPaul Wilson4035
5thAlfie Axon3930
Division 1MemberScorePrize
1stSimon Hopper3725
2ndPaul Sturgeon3720
3rdStephen McElevey3715
4thGary Moore3610
5thJonathan Dunlop355
Division 2MemberScorePrize
1stSteve Manger3725
2ndChris Reid3720
3rdTerry Park3615
4thDavid Fenner3610
5thColin Clarke365
Division 3MemberScorePrize
1stJames McKay3925
2ndMervyn Graham3720
3rdBarry Lynagh3715
4thRobert Creighton3710
5thMatthew McClintock375
Division 4MemberScorePrize
1stIan McCullough3825
2ndThomas Tosh3720
3rdDavid Coates3715
4thAaron Anderson3610
5thAlister McKeever355
Members Day DivisionsPlaying Handicaps
Division OneUp to 13
Division Two14 to 18
Division Three19 to 23
Division Four24 upwards
2s Competition: £18.50 each
Keith Hanna2 @ 11thAdam McVeigh2 @ 11th
Steve Manger2 @ 11thAaron Reid2 @ 6th
Craig Kennedy2 @ 3rdNigel Davenport2 @ 6th
Robert Lenaghan2 @ 13thDesmond Donnelly2 @ 3rd
Neil Linton2 @ 6thAlfie Axon (Jnr)2 @ 16th