Season Championship – Sam Heslip Memorial

Date: Saturday 17th September 2016
Member Score
Sam Heslip Aaron Hynds 67
Division 1 Member Score
1st Nigel Davenport 67
2nd Terry Johnston 68
3rd Robert Blundell 68
Division 2 Member Score
1st Sam Chambers 68
2nd Stephen Fox 69
3rd Stephen Lawson 71
Division 3 Member Score
1st Barry Baxter 63
2nd Alister McKeever 64
3rd Brendan Houston 67
2’s Paid: £8.50 (tbc)  
3rd Hole 6th Hole 11th Hole
Keith Hanna Stephen Murphy Michael Rice
Stephen Murphy William Beatty Greg Hughes
Stephen Halliday Stephen Halliday Aaron Hynds
Eric Strong * David Shannon
Paul Doyle
13th Hole 16th Hole  
George Gillanders Terry Johnston
Bobby McWilliams
Paul Wilson *
 * Did not enter CSS: 70

Sam Heslip Memorial was for the top twenty-five in the Order of Merit only.