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Covid 19 – Competition Guide

Club Computer / Touch Screen

As the Touch Screen will remain off until further notice, member will NOT be able to:

  • Book / Amend / Cancel a tee time
  • Sign into the Club Competitions
  • Enter Scores once your round has been completed.

Club Competitions

Due to the touch screen being unavailable and the additional administration for the members of Match & Handicap the Golf Club have decided to run only the following competitions:

  • Sunday Sweep – which is played over Sunday and Monday
  • Midweek Sweep – which is played over a Wednesday and Thursday
  • Weekend Sweep – which is played on a Saturday only
  • Junior Competitions – played on a Tuesday & Thursday

Members can only enter the Sunday Sweep and Midweek Sweep once per week.


Members wishing to enter the Sunday Sweep and Midweek Sweeps should book their tee time on the Golf Centre BRS booking system.

The Club will operate a Saturday start sheet for the Weekend Sweep on

As always if you are unable to play at the time you have been allocated the Committee would ask members to remove their names as soon as possible to allow other members to fill your space.

Terms of Competitions

Registering intention to return scores for the Saturday Competition

Members MUST register their intention to play in every competition they wish to enter. [This was done previously when you signed into the competition]

For the Saturday Sweep, the ‘Master’ start sheet will be used to register their intention to play. If you do not want to enter the competition, please remove your name from the time sheet.

These time sheets will then be converted into the entry list for each competition.

Registering intention to return scores for the Sunday and Midweek

Members MUST register their intention to play in every competition they wish to enter. [This was done previously when you signed into the competition]

To do this you must sign into the computer on the HowDidiDo app or website. You will be able to sign into to each Competition as follows

CompetitionDay PlayedSign In OpensSign In Closes
Sunday Day 1SundaySaturday 20:00Sunday 20:00
Sunday Day 2MondaySunday 20:00Monday 20:00
Wednesday Day 1WednesdayTuesday 20:00Wednesday 20:00
Wednesday Day 2ThursdayWednesday 20:00Thursday 20:00

If you have problem registering your intention to play, please WhatsApp or Text one of the numbers below before starting your round stating your name and the competition you wish to enter.

Registering intention to return scores acceptable for handicapping including supplementary scores

Until the howdidido release the next version of their app, members who wish to return cards for handicap or supplementary scores should register their intention by sending a WhatsApp or Text to Keith Hanna on 07725015181.

Payment of entry fee

The entry fee for all Club Competitions will be £5 – please bring correct amount as the Golf Centre will not be handling money on our behalf.

Place your money into the envelopes provided then write on the outside of the envelope:

  • your name and anyone else you are paying into the competition
  • the date
  • the name of the competition you are entering into

The envelope should then be placed into the relevant slot in the cabinet.

These will be matched to the entry list, prior to the competition being closed. If the Entry fee has not been paid the member will be disqualified from the competition but the score will be acceptable for handicapping purposes.

Scorecard issue / collection
Scorecards should be collected from reception when checking in.

In addition to the normal requirements under Rule 3.3b a player will be responsible for recording their name, the name and date of the competition on the scorecard.

Cards should not be swapped, and players should mark their own score for each hole on the scorecard.


The Golf Centre was only allowed to open after signing up to the NI Protocol agreed between the GUI and the NI Executive. Members are asked to read it in full on but to ensure that the game is played safely, golfers must observe the following rules.

  • If you are ill or have symptoms, stay at home.
  • Under no circumstances should you arrive at the club to play golf without booking in advance.
  • If not using the driving range prior to your round; aim to arrive at the club no more than 15 minutes prior to play.
  • Observe physical distancing rules at all times following your arrival at the club.
  • Do not arrive at the first tee more than 5 minutes before your allotted tee time.
  • Observe physical distancing at all times on the course.
  • Following play of a hole, do not enter the next teeing ground until all members of the group in front have played their tee-shots and exited the teeing ground.


  • Flagsticks must always remain in the hole.
  • The depth of the hole has been modified to allow players to remove the ball without touching the flagstick.
  • In this case the ball will be considered holed if any part of the ball is at rest below the surface of the putting green, even if not lodged against the flagstick
  • Please read the following information on Flagsticks & Hole Depths


  • Players are allowed to smooth the bunkers using either their foot or a club after playing their stroke.
  • Have introduced a local rule allowing preferred lies in the bunker following the provisions for a ball in the general area (MLR E-3). The relief area permitted is 6 inches from the reference point.  Note the area may not be smoothed before placing.


To allow groups to keep their position on the course, players are encouraged to play provisional balls if there is a chance that the ball may be lost outside a penalty area or be out of bounds.


Under R&A guidance the Match & Handicap Committee have decided to allow the following alternative methods of scoring

  • Players should mark their own score for each hole on the scorecard.
  • At the end of the round your marker does not have to physically certify [sign] your scorecard. Instead you should ask them to verbally agree your score and you should mark their name clearly in the markers space.

Players are still required to ensure their handicap is recorded on the scorecard and sign it to certify your scores.

Score Return
A player should use the HowDidiDo App to return your score electronically. If you are having problems with the app please contact Keith Hanna.

Then copy of the score card should be dropped into the relevant slot in the cabinet while the Golf Centre is open
. Outside of these hours a copy should be sent via WhatsApp or Text to one of the numbers below.

CompetitionDay PlayedScore Entry OpensScore Entry Closes
Sunday Day 1SundaySunday 8:00Monday 8:00
Sunday Day 2MondayMonday 8:00Tuesday 8:00
Wednesday Day 1WednesdayWednesday 8:00Thursday 8:00
Wednesday Day 2ThursdayThursday 8:00Friday 8:00
Saturday`SaturdaySaturday 8:00Sunday 8:00

The result of the competition will be final once the scores have been manually entered and the competition has been closed on the Club V1 Handicapping software by a member of the Match & Handicap Committee.

The Committee will endeavour to close competitions and publish the results quickly as possible, but inevitably this process will take longer than normal due to the additional input the Match & Handicap Committee must undertake

Contact Numbers

Keith Hanna077 2501 5181
Robert (Rab) Blundell078 5547 1172
Brian Robinson074 2762 6769
Stephen Cullen079 2909 1917

Inter Club Competitions

Senior Cup

RoundDateHome / AwayTeamResult
Round 13rd AugHomeBallyclareWon 3-2
Round 217th AugAwayGalgormWon 3-2
Round 331st AugHomeMoyola

Junior Cup

RoundDateHome / AwayTeamResult
Round 127th JulyHomeWhiteheadWon 3-2
Round 210th AugAwayGalgormWon 3-2
Round 324th AugAwayGreenislandLost 3-2

Jimmy Bruen

RoundDateHome / AwayTeamResult
Round 1bye
Round 210th AugHomeMassereeneLost 3 1/2 – 1 1/2

Pierce Purcell

RoundDateHome / AwayTeamResult
Round 1bye
Round 210th AugHomeKillymoonWon 3-2
Round 324th AugAwayMoyola ParkLost 4-1

Ulster Cup

RoundDateHome / AwayTeamResult
Round 1bye
Round 210th AugHomeKnockWon 4-3
Round 324th AugAwayFortwilliamLost 5-2


Prior to the Covid 19 restrictions members were expected to sign into and return score cards using the Touch Screen in the members room. Now due to the necessary restrictions we are asking members to use the HowDidiDo website and app instead.

Sign In [You do not need to sign into the Saturday competitions]
Sign will open at 8pm on the day before the competition and close at 8pm on the evening of the competition. Example: if you plan to play in the Sunday / Monday competition on the Monday you will be able to sign in from 8pm on Sunday evening until 8pm Monday night.

Score Return
On everyday a competition is being played score return will open at 8am on the morning of the competition and close at 8am the following morning. Example: if you are playing on Saturday score return will remain open until 8am on Sunday

Questions Answered

Do I need to complete a score card?
Yes, we are asking members to complete their own score card.

What should be written on the card?
The competition name, your name, the date, and your handicap. The markers name would be beneficial.

Who should sign the card?
Under current rules the only person who needs to sign the card is the player. The marker only needs to verbally verify the score after the round.

Does the score card need returned?
Yes, either electronically to one of the four named officials and/or a copy should be posted into the relevant slot in the box.

When registering on HowDidiDo I cannot find my name, what should I do?
Make sure you are entering the Club as GREENACRES GOLF CENTRE

I have changed my email address, used on HowDidiDo, what should I do?
If you are unable to use the original email you used to register with HowDidiDo, please contact your Golf Club to make sure your handicap record is updated with your new email address, and try registration again. You will then be able to re-claim the player record if both emails matched.